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Word from the campaign president

Access to post-secondary education is crucial to a community’s growth and development as it provides training, employment and community service opportunities for its youth and regional Canadian, French as well as Northern and Western African newcomers alike.

As Université de Hearst’s campaign president, and in collaboration with various partners, we constantly endeavour to support the City’s continued strength and vitality. Not only is such training of young bilingual professionals, access to supervised intern services (within 65 local allied local and regional businesses) as well as recruitment and retention of young committed students beneficial to local businesses and community agencies, but it also contributes to the economic prosperity of the City with the Heart of Gold.

In this regard, Université de Hearst will open its Timmins dorm, located on Jubilee West Avenue, to 15 students in November. In order to undertake the needed building renovations, we are launching a $900,000 fundraising campaign. Thanks to the support of generous benefactors and a grant, we have already raised $390,000 as of September 2018. We hope to count on your continued generosity to meet our goal.

Best regards,

MARC R. BRAZEAU, Eclipse Financial

Fundraising campaign Student residence in Timmins

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Who we are

In its founding year of 1953, Université de Hearst was known as the Hearst seminary. Fathered by the Most Reverend Louis Levesque and financed by the people of the Hearst diocese, this institution aspired to make post-secondary education accessible to French youth and Northeastern Ontarians.

With the advent of French language secondary schools in the area and the province’s support, theSeminary became the Collège universitaire de Hearst. In an effort to meet the increasing demandsfor post-secondary education in the area, it progressively extended its reach in other northeastern communities between Longlac and Timmins.

Université de Hearst’s top priority is to educate. For that reason, it undergoes a constant evolution and adapts its programs, its services and its infrastructure to meet the demands of its clientele and communities. More than 1,100 graduateswork in the area and beyond in such fields as business administration and management, psychosocial intervention, education, law and medicine.

What we do

Our 65 years of success are based on the conviction that a university must be, in all respects, a centre of excellence and innovation. It can’t be just an active supporting partner for student growth and learning, but must also play a leading role within its serviced communities. We welcome and steer students who embrace risk, critical thinking, adventure, creativity, leadership,change... to search, find and apply solutions to daunting challenges.

What you can do


Your financial support for the student residence modernization project will translate into a vibrant academic community. It will exceed the structural aspects of the project and create a student space conducive to sharing, learning, innovating, bonding and living well.

The student residence fundraising campaign: a project that supports the vitality of Timmins and its university.

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Angèle Jean

Special projects coordinator

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